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Geography/Progress vs Development vs Growth


QUESTION: Is progress a subset of development or the other way round?

I don't understand the relationships between these three concepts.
1) Growth --> Progress ---> Development
2) Growth ---> Development ---> Progress

ANSWER: Hi Yang,

That depends entirely on your definitions of the three words.  Growth of what,where, when (time frame)?  Progress and development of what?  For instance the development of an egg into a fetus indicates growth and a progression from one stage of development to the next.  In culture the progression from a nomadic life style to one that is in part sedentary can indicate the growth in the reliance of agriculture and the development of the village structure and semi permanent structures.  

I hope that this makes some sense to you.  If you would provide me with to definitions you are using and the context of you application, perhaps I can be more specific with my response.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I meant the progress and development of a country. Sorry for not stating my question specifically!

Hi Yang,

Thank you for the clarification!  As in my second example most cultures go through phases.  From nomadic to sedentary to urbanization.  These are associated with both growth (in population, cultural institutions, social structure) and development of language, music, stories and the basic fabric that holds the society together.  The progression from one stage to the next relies on agricultural success.  A failure in this area generally leads to the down fall of the society, which is considered the last stage.  Thus progress is a process which leads from one developmental stage to the next.  This is often associated with the growth of the population, the need for cultural institutions and societal structure.  

Does this help?  


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