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Hi, Rangutan!
I wonder if there is a place on Earth where the air pressure is 2 atm (about 2025 hPa), not 1 atm (I do not mean under water), ex. in some very deep mines. I have read that the deepest mine on Earth, in South Africa, is more 3.9 km deep - what would be the pressure and temperature there? (I don't know how to calculate it). Would living there be possible or would this cause some serious ilnesses? (I mean only the pressure, and factors related to the presssure, like the temperature [if they are really related one to another] - not other factors related to the fact of it being deep mine - like lack of sunshine or lack of fresh air; suppose the fresh air and sunshine would be present if it were a pit mine, like this one:



PS. It's not a homework question, I am just curious after having read some sf story.

you guessed correctly, 2 ata is achieved in only 10 meters of water.

In air 0.5 ata is experienced at about 6000 m and 2 ata would be experienced in a mine at about 9000m depth I guess. The graph for this is a curve because air can be compressed, water cannot. The rate under water is a constant at 1 atm every 10 meters.

Quote: "The total increase in barometric pressure while
descending from surface to a mining depth of
5 000 m would be approximately 0.55 ATA"



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