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Good day
Throughout history major cities have been located on/in specific land areas. For example major capitals of Rome, Greece, Egypt as is today major cities such as London and New York.
Interested in finding out throughout history why have specific locations been chosen for major cities and to what extent have locations accounted for such cities current and historical becoming major cities.
Can you refer me to any books, articles etc. that can provide me with insights as to why location and how location was chosen and have accounted for major cities becoming major cities from a historical and current perspective.

Where can I learn more about location placements of major cities from a historical and current perspective?

Hi Sam,

an "urban economist" would know this.

I checked, there is no such book to be found immediately, so you have a great opportunity to research and be the first to put all this information down in one document. I guess books on town planning would have a chapter on the topic.

The reason for location of each individual city is easily found by looking at its history. Most,I guess 70% cities are founded on a fresh water source , a harbour (Rio de Janeiro), river delta (New Orleans), river crossing (Munich), well, spring. I guess 20% are chosen for other resources like coal or gold (Johannesburg)and I guess about 10% on cross-roads of transportation (Bagdad) or transportation bottle-neck like entrance to a gorge or edge of a desert. Alice Springs is near the famous Ayers Rock.
How a place is chosen in modern day is well illustrated in Nepal, Colombia or Australia. Yahuugle words like; city, location, town planning, urban design...

Sorry, you will need to research each country and city individually.



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