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Geography/Ship - Water Route travel from India to USA.


Dear Ralph

If we study the world map, could there be a Ship - Water Route travel from India - Asian region to USA - North America region ?.

In case yes, How many days will be taken if one travels by Ship cruise one way from India to USA ?.

In case yes, what will be the route ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar


Much depends on the size of the boat.  One can go, initially, in one of two directions.  East or West.  If you go East, then you go through the Sunda straights then across the Pacific and to North America west coast.  If the cargo is to go to the East coast, then given the size of the boat it could go through the Panama Canal.   Going to the West, if the boat is small enough to transit the Suez canal then through the Mediterainian and then on to the East coast of the US,  If it is to big to fit through the canal then it would have to sail around the Cape of Good Home  at the Southern end of Africa and then across the Atlantic to America.   

The transit time may vary by size of ship, power plant of the ship, weather and many other factors.


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