How do climate and landforms combine to create a biome? Give some evidence

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The best example is in the western part of the US.  The mountains along the west coast (The Cascades) block moisture coming in from the Pacific Ocean which results in lush rain forests and a forested west coast.  However due to the mountains blocking this moisture, the area east of the mountains is much dryer and in some areas are desert like.  Death Valley is just east of the mountains in southern California and is a unique biome that gets very little rain.  On the west side of the mountains you have river valleys like the Yosemite valley that gets a lot of rain and snow and due to its isolated nature has its own biome as well.  If you look at the island of Hawaii,  The height of the volcano creates many biomes due to the different weather condtions and moisture shadows the mountain creates.  Some 17 different climatic zones exist on Hawaii due to the volcano.


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