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Collect photographs and information of typical rural houses and clothing of people from different regions of India. Examine whether they reflect any relationship with climatic climatic conditions and relief of the area

Mr. Mukherjee,

This not a question per se.  It sounds more like a school assignment.  I don't do school assignments, and since I live in the US, it would not be practical either.

But let me give you some direction.

1). Is the nature of clothing different in Tamil Nadu different from rural Dehli?  Is it different from the Punjab?  Why?  How about on the West coast or central regions?  

2). In the far north how are homes constructed?  Solid mud brick or stone?  Do the roofs need to support snow?  In the south with heavy monsoons, are roofs constructed to withstand heavy rain and winds?  

3).  Given the vast differences in climate from Tamil Nadu in the South to the Punjab in the far North and changes in elevation from sea level to more than 5000 meters, from very wet to desert conditions, what would need to change in terms of clothing and construction to manage in these different situations?

I hope this helps.


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