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I m from 10th class and I got a project and the question is Industrial pollution and environmental degradation
points to be mentioned are
1. Types of pollutants.
2.ill  effects of different pollutants.
3. consequences of pollution. of any local river, factory or landfill.

Hi Arpit,

I generally do not do home work but I will give you direction on how to go about answering the question.

First of all this has to do with pollution.  There are many types of pollution.  Go to and learn about the many different kinds.

Second.  Wikipedia may also list the ill effects that these different kinds of pollution have on the environment and humans.  both are important as they impact all of us.  Also look up cancer clusters.  These are often associated with pollution.  

Third, pollution as noted above has negative impacts on life systems.  In water it can lead to fish kills, making the water unfit for use, may kill crops if it used for irrigation or if it gets into the food supply, may lead to poisoning of people.  Look up the water pollution issues in Flint, Michigan.

Forth, There is a website run by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that lists all of the polluted sites in the US.  Check this out under "Super Site Fund List".

I hope this helps and I am sorry that I can not write the report for you.  But it is homework and its intent if for you to discover and learn about this subject.  If I do the work for you, you don't get to discover and learn.


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