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Hello, I'm Julian, I've graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in history -- my home language is English. I have been researching the mapmaking and and route planning that is part of military science at the tactical level of the small squads of infantry soldiers. This is because the main character in the story I am writing is an experienced soldier who knows how to stalk with the skills of a sniper. My character can move skillfully and efficiently without being observed, wether the terrain is urbanized or not.

Now, in the science of the infantry I have just learned the word "microterrain," which I suppose in German could be Mikrogelšnde. Apparently, military science in the English language uses the word "microterrain" to mean those terrain features that are too small to show up on all but the smallest map scales. It refers to the situation created by hills, ridges, depressions and the like, of the kind which do not show up on big overview maps, but which suddenly becomes important when you you have to dash, zigzag, crawl on the ground and so on because there is an enemy trying to kill you. Yet, this cannot be the textbook definition because when I try to explain the word's meaning, I have to write a long definition that is vague and complicated. I cannot find any glossary definition for the word microterrain located anywhere. I have to guess the word's meaning based on the word's context Do you have geography source materials that provide a good definition of that word? Thanks very much for your time and attention.

Hi Julian,
See also the terms 'microrelief' and 'microtopography' to find many definitions. At Websters there is a definition: "...slight irregularities of a land surface causing variations in elevation amounting to no more than a few feet..." and other dictionaries

Definition in book "An Illustrated Guide to Tactical Diagramming: How to Determine Floor Plans ...
By Charles Sid Heal" [reading time-limit]

The term is also comes spelled in two words: try yahuugling "micro terrain" or a.k.a "micro-relief" (with exclamation marks.



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