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different categories of lumberjacks and their work

Hi Zaid,

Lumbering is an industry that provides wood and forestry products for home building, furniture, construction and many other industries.  It starts in the forest where trees are selected for their size, type and conformity to specifications from end users.  So the first type of "Jack" is the forester that goes into the forest and marks the trees to be cut.  Once this is done, then a "team of Lumber Jacks" is sent into the forest to cut down those marked trees.  There are a number of jobs  these people perform and they often rotate in their jobs to ensure everyone is proficient in their work.

1) the "topper"  He climes to the top of the tree and cuts off the top 1/4th or 1/3rd of the tree to make it easier to "fell"
2) the "Felling team" this is generally a two person team that uses a chain saw to cut the base of the tree thus casing it to fall.
3) there is also often a "spotter" that works with the felling team to ensure that every one remains safe and directs where the tree should be felled.
4) the "limb-er" once the tree has been felled, this person cuts off all of the branches including the top.
5) the "Grader" this is the person who looks at the felled tree and determines the quality of the wood and determines how the tree should be cut for transport.  Once cut into sections the tree segments are now called logs.
6) the "skidding team" these jacks have among the most dangerous work in that they remove the logs from the forest and stage them for transport to the saw mill
7) the "Drivers" pick up the logs from the staging area and load them on to trucks, barges, or other transport for movement to the saw mill
8) the "yard hands" work at the saw mill to stack and monitor the logs at the saw mill to ensure that they cure prior to being cut into lumber in the mill.  Their job is very important to ensure high quality lumber is made from the logs.

I hope that this help you.  If you need any more information, please let me know.  This work is very dangerous and every year people get killed and badly injured doing these jobs.  


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