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Im a pretty skeptical person, but this has always bothered me; is there something going on there? A difference in magnetic pulls seems unlikely, since that is pretty well distributed, due to the earth being a rotating sphere according to my understanding. What are your views?
Sorry this might seem weird, and i might seem like the type of person who walks around with a tinfoil hat, but im usually quite skeptical, so please dont dismiss this


Bermuda Triangle [Google]
Bermuda Triangle [Goog  
being skeptical and asking questions is a great way to improve your intelligence and knowledge.
There are hundreds of mysteries that have never been solved or explained scientifically but you can choose one of many theories that are always given.

The Bermuda-Triangle mystery is way over-rated and scary books and films created about it. Considering the  amount of traffic in the area, the list of events is not many compared to the amount of ships and aircraft in the region. I consider the events as "normal". I once believed that methane eruptions from the floor-bed were the cause of the events but geologists now agree that these are present at fault-lines only.

I am beginning to believe in UFOs and aliens (since 2012) and so will not argue against those theories at the moment. The most convincing argument against missing people and craft is simply bad weather. Military tests the last 100 years could count for a lot of the disasters using natural events in the 19th century and the term "Bermuda Triangle" as a simple excuse and diversion of blame? I sailed on a cruise-ship through this triangle in 2003 without any fear!

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