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Dear Ralph

Is it possible to check the temperature in Snow using thermometer mostly observed in Mountains and Hillstations?


Hi Prashant,

Snow, by virtue of being frozen water will generally have a constant temperature of just below 32 degrees F.  If the outside air is colder than this, then the Snow may exhibit similar temperatures but snow acts as an insulator, a very effective one.  This is why an igloo can stay warm inside just from the body heat of the individuals inside.  (A snow cave works the same way).   It is also why animals can live under the snow since it insulates from the colder air beyond.  

The air temperature can be well below freezing but just under the surface of the snow, it will be 32 degrees F (0 degrees C).  

So a thermometer that is put into the snow will record 32 degrees F and in the air may have a much lower temperature, or it could also be higher depending on the circumstances.

I hope I answered your question.


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