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Geography/advantages Of multipurpose river valley projects


komal wrote at 2007-07-25 16:58:55

Actually d multi purpose projects r also called DAMS.So there r many advantages n disadvantages.Some of its advantages r:

1.It is used to store water in d form of reservoirs.

2.The stored water is also used for irrigation purposes.

3.Sometimes when there is less of rain(when d region gets dry)this water is sent to d cities for daily use thru canals.

4.Its is also used to generate hydroelectricity.The water that is collected in the reservoir is then dropped frm a height n thus it generates hydroelectricity.

5.Now-a-days it is also becoming a tourist spot where people come to see the water collected in the reservoiurs.

Some of its disadvantages r:

1.The people living in the nearby villages loose their houses,livelihood,etc.

2.Some times when d water overflows thru d dams its causes floods n d nearby cities/villages r destroyed.

3.It also leads to soil erosion.

4.In d making of the dam lots n lots of people also loose their lives.

sushma wrote at 2013-07-23 00:37:15
The advantages of a multi-purpose river project

Flood control

Soil conservation


Development of irrigation facilities

Generation of hydro electric power at the dam sites.

Development of transportation facilities in the roads, rail routes and even navigation on the canals

General development of the area's agriculture, industries and services

Development of recreational facilities such as boating , swimming etc. on the reservoirs...leading to development of tourism

Fish culture in the reservoirs.

The disadvantages of multi purpose river project

Multi-purpose river valley projects nearly always involve construction of a large dam. That provides flood control, electrical generation, and irrigation water for farms. The disadvantages are often ignored by developing countries. Communities along the river are flooded and must relocate. Excellent fields, orchards and forests may be lost. Fish lose natural habitat such as gravelly areas to lay eggs -- this is especially problematic in the American West. Migratory fish are destroyed because they can't navigate past the dam. The still water becomes warmer that moving water and this can increase unwanted flora (algae, moss, weeds) and unhealthy bacteria. Silt carried by the river deposits in the new lake and slowly fills it up. The sand and silt is essential for healthy beaches -- it is supposed to reach the sea, but ends up stuck behind a dam.  


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