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gigirus wrote at 2010-04-20 16:19:46
We found a bunch of the stuff that looked like obsidian when we were kids (1960's) in the UP. My mother took it to one of her college classes and found out was actually a byproduct from some type of manufacturing plant. Looks just like obsidian and there was a bunch of it.

Christian wrote at 2013-05-10 22:24:16
I know this is a few years late could also possibly be obsidian. While obsidian is not common in the lower penninsula it can be found in the upper penninsula. There is a picnic area near to Christmas, Michigan in a State Park where it can be found on the beach. I always thought it odd they would choose a beach with glass shards to make a picnic area for children! We also must not forget that due to glacial activity in the area it is very possible the rock could have been picked up by a glacier and redeposited elsewhere. Hope this helps way after the fact!


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