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Geology/identify this please


Jac wrote at 2014-08-23 18:11:28
Hi John,

I found yesterday a similar rock, like the one you describe bull quartz with silvery flecks (you recognized it  as mica). I can send you a photograph of this rock if you are interested. The strange thing is that i found it in Greece on a shore of south Aegean sea! The beach was fill with this silver flakes blended with the sand. After googling, l learn  that not very far away (about 140 miles) people were digging for gold in ancient times (about 400 bc)

Hope i am posting my answer/question in the right place.

Best regards

Sherry wrote at 2015-12-09 03:04:05
I have the exact same rock, actually I have a few rocks like that. My grandfather was a miner from Cobalt Ontario and also ran a mine in Wawa Ontario. Are you able to tell me how much it's worth? I've kept this for 15 years and planning on passing these rocks to my children.


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