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Hello Tariq,
Is there any scope for Hydrology in Pakistan?. As in after completing BS, would it be a good idea to go for MS in Hydrology?. I intend to stay in Pakistan. How are the job prospects?

Dear Hasan,

Hydrology is the science of Water. As we know water is so critial for human and animal life and growth of human being. Hydrologist finds new water reservoirs and manage and supply water to the purpose and helps resolve water shortage and environmental problems. There are two Water sources; surface water and ground water sources and hydrologist need to deal both.

As you are aware that Pakistan has numerous water resources but the management is not entirely well disciplined. Ideally, Pakistan should need several hundred hydrologist or hydrogeologists annully who work to manage and to rectify the water problems.

In Pakistan surface water and ground water management (building large and small dams, exploration of water resources, drilling and producing and supply of water)is primarily the resposnibility of WAPDA. A Wing of WAPDA is exclusively works for  water resources which also includes Ground water throughout the Pakistan.

Other government  deaprtment which is also involved in water reserach and managment projects is NIO (National Institute of Oceanography).

The other biggest job opportunities secor is ministries of agricultue in each provincial governments.Other job providing sector is the private companies who deals in water resources exploration planning, well digging and execution of water supply. These private sector companies work on project basis and mainly rely on government's initiatives when they start water supply projects. Not all those water projects are being carried out on true scientific manner.

Town planning and housing development projects in every province and cities of Pakistan are also the important job providing sector for hydrologist provided they work scientifically and projects are designed on sound engineering basis. As many projects do not strictly follow  world engineering codes and standards.

Theoretically, job prospects should have been higher in Pakistan but in reality there are few opportunities for jobs in water sector.

Hopefully, this answer will be useful.

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