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QUESTION: Hello Tariq,
In your opinion, how good is the undergraduate programme of Geology of Karachi University?. In terms of faculty, teaching and facilities. I read that it was 223rd in the world in terms of Natural Sciences, which considering the fact that there are thousands of universities in the world, it's not bad at all. Please let me know :)

ANSWER: Dear Hasan,

Thanks for sending me your question

I am sending you few links which are self explanatory about world university rankings.

University of Karachi is probably the second oldest university of Pakistan after Punjab University. In the Asian University ranking this was placed at rank 82 in natural science, 66 for Biological Sciences and 85 for Arts and Humanities.

It was once considered one of the best Asian University but due to neglect from Pakistani government towards education and also due the fact that rapid emergence of many Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Taiwan's  universities on global level has pushed far deep down Karachi university present ranking position.

I think University still has reasonable respect in research in Chemistry, Biological sciences and Pharmacy. This university offers one of the largest library of Pakistan and perhaps excellent lay out with nice buildings for each department.

I can recommend this university for Geology, Computer Science. Economics, Zoology, botany, Genetics, physiology, Pakistan studies, Islamic learning and Mathematics.

I hope this answer will be helpful



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes I know about the rankings but Sir how are the resources of the Geology Department?. laboratories, libraries and such. I've heard that the teaching staff is good? Is it?. I thought I should ask you because of your past affiliation with the University as a student and even now you are involved in a minor capacity. My cousin said you recently visited in August and thats how I got to know that the your an alumni of UoK. Who better to ask than a past student :)

Dear Hasan,

Geology department of the university of Karachi is one of the oldest in Pakistan which was established in 1954. Several hundred students have been passed out in the past.

Most recently, Geology department has been revamped and new section is added. A brand new three story building has been completed which indicates that University of Karachi despite it's serious prevailing financial limitations has approved the massive investment to upgrade the Geology department.

I think that Geology Department is one of the leading study center in the country with many very able and qualified teachers have been taeching, most of them Phds.

Students who studied from here, have been working every part of the world specially in Petroleum exploration industry successful and on leading  technical positions which itself suggests that the  level of education is well established and following global standard in one way or other.

I am not exactly sure what new machines, lab equipment and computers have been included in geology department lately but I know that lab standard have been far more better than those time more than 22 years ago when I studied there.

I would suggest you to study there if you love geology and have fun.

Kindest regards



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