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Good day name is joshua oyeto,a student of the university of benin,nigeria.I want to present a paper at the spe students' conference but I am blank on any topic.I need you to suggest a topic for me especially one related to a present challenge in the industry.I understand reservoir enginnering,enhanced oil recovery and petroleum production to appreciable extent.I am currently learning how to use petrel software.I expect your urgent reply.thanks so much


I depends in large part on what kind of project data you might have, which is non-proprietary.

If you have a good data set, that would allow you to work up a complete reservoir model, you could consider working up a complete workflow running through the Petrel module to dynamic reservoir modeling.

Depending on the project data, you might be able to highlight a particular problem in the reservoir and show how it can be identified, or compensated for by using Petrel.

If you have good production data, you could do temporal snapshots of the reservoir performance through time and see if it matches your first projections of reservoir performance.

You might be able to identify potential targets for infill drilling by identifying areas that are not being drained by the current producing wells.  


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