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QUESTION: i want to study geology,am good in geography,maths,physics but not too good in chemistry,what do u think i should do.

ANSWER: Hi Chinedo,
That's a good question, but tricky to answer.  In the end, you have to do what YOU think is best for you.

I will tell you that your skills should get you through all right.  I was good in geography and physics, not too good in math or chemistry.  You will need to pass your classes and you will need to understand the concepts you will encounter in chemistry,  But, if becoming a Geologist is your goal, you should be ok.  It will be harder if you are not good in chemistry but concentrate on what you need to know; it will come.

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: What kind of work would i do after am through with studying geology.

Hi again, Chinedo,
That depends on the type of geology you studied and where your interests lie.  There's astrogeology if your interested in other planets, engineering geology if you want to build bridges or roads, geophysics if you want to study earthquakes.  Then there's geochemistry, petroleum geology, mining geology, mineralogy, environmental geology, paleontology, volcanology, seismology, hydrology, structural geology, oceanography, and more.

You can only get started and see where your road lies.

Good luck.


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