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I have recently done my A-Levels and  I have 2 options left namely: Chemical engineering or geology. However my objective is to go towards the petroleum site by doing a  masters in pertoleum in either one of them. I have an interest in jobs which require more field work, basically the pertoleum extraction part. So can you please guide me that which field will be best for me and more realiable for going towards the preroleum site. So please tell me about the scope of these fields in Pakistan or abroad( U.A.E) and their salary ranges. Thanking you once again


If you want to go into petroleum related geology, you might consider going into reservoir heavy studies, by that I mean, as fields in the middle east mature, there will be more demand for those who can do in depth studies of the reservoirs to maximize recovery of crude, during the secondary or tertiary stages of the reservoir life.  Also, there is a need for detailed reservoir mapping and infill drilling to tap into portions of the reservoir that may have been overlooked (packets of productive sequence not in fluid communication with other portions that have been tapped by the drill leaving oil in unproduced packets).  Another area straddles the line between reservoir engineering and seismic.  4D seismic, where 3D seismic is run over time and the fluid extraction is seen over time to identify those areas bypassed.  Petroleum engineers do not usually have much background in sequence stratigraphy or sedimentary geology, so they do not understand understand well the connection between the reservoir engineering parameters and the geology. You might call this 3D reservoir modeling, which draws on geostatistics and dynamic reservoir simulation.

For details on job availability go to  There are usually a lot of job postings with salaries and other particulars.  


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