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Syed Tariq Hasany

We respect Syed very much in our culture.

Dr Trista Robichaud guid us to ask you as an expert who could help us.

We have a Gilsonite mine and selling raw Gilsonite.As you konw Gilsonite,
or North American Asphaltum is a natural, resinous hydrocarbon.
Indeed, We are going to processing raw Gilsonite and product pure Gilsonite and
related products. We are going to access to knowledge that enable us to excise the
hydrocarbon from Gilsonite.
So we need information and technology to reduce Gilsonite's ash to produce pur Gilsonite
in order to produce related product.
In other side, we are looking for some company as vendor or partner.
We would appreciated you if you kindly help and guide us to solve problem.

Do you know somebody interesting for partnership? Or are you interesting to help us
as a consular (consultation service)?

We are looking forward to hear from you kindly. We apologize for weak English (we read and
translate English excellent, but our writing is weak).

Your Sincerely

Jam Kama
Production Manager

Dear Jam kama,

I sincerely appreciate with thanks sending me this question.

I am sorry to say that I am not an expert about refining processes of hydrocarbon products. However, regarding technology to refine the Gilsonite to pure form, I would try my best to find out if some one is interested to help you or even doing business with you.

You can contact me on and I will update you once I have more information.

I apologized for not providing an aswer to your question but I try my best.

Good luck  

Tariq Hasany          

جناب جم سوترا          
من صادقانه با تشکر از ارسال من این سوال قدردانی.

من متاسفم که می گویند که من یک کارشناس در مورد فرآیندهای پالایش از محصولات هیدروکربنی است. با این حال، با توجه به فن آوری به اصلاح ماده عبارت به شکل خالص، من می خواهم بهترین من سعی کنید برای پیدا کردن اگر کسی علاقه مند است به شما کمک کند و یا حتی انجام کسب و کار با شما.

شما می توانید در تماس با و من شما را هنگامی که من اطلاعات بیشتر به روز رسانی است.

من برای ارائه پاسخ به سوال شما عذرخواهی کرد، اما من سعی می کنم بهترین من.

موفق باشید

(Persian translation is done by Google translation and not neccessarily 100% correct)


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