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pic 1  

mystery rock number 2
mystery rock number 2  
Hello when I was a child I found this rock in the fields surrounding my family's farm, and have never been able to identify it. It is small, weighs quite a bit to be so small, and is about the size of the inside palm of a person's hand, smooth, but the most fascinating thing about it, is colors. Overall, the background coloration is black, or dark brown. Then the other colors are in tiny specs and splashes of red, green, white, yellow, light brown, and even blue. Any information would be helpful, thank you so much. i have included pictures. Any information would be most appreciated :) thank you.


Its really tough to id that rock from a photo and not know exactly where it came from.  I suspect, given that it was found in tennessee that it is some sort of sedimentary rock.  The "splashes" are bits of other rocks that have been incorporated into the mud or silt matrix.  It is probably a siltstone....

Of course, if you found a local geologist or even a local university geology department you might get a completely different answer!

Sorry I could not be more definitive.  Hope this helps a little with your mystery!

Happy New Year.




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