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hollw how are you ?
i from sudan and i have B.SC IN GEOLOGY IN LIBYA
and i have Experience in QHSE IN OIL company
so maybe you can help me what`s Better for get in this field or
study master  in Petroleum Geosciences can you help me ?


QHSE like Human Resources is kind of a dead end, and will not net you much in the way of salary.

I would work on a masters in geology.  In make sure you do a thesis or independent research in something the companies operating in Libya will find valuable.  It you do might might be able to get an internship and have a job waiting for you after you get your degree.  


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I can answer questions concerning physical and historical geology, environmental geology/hydrology, environmental consulting, remote sensing/aerial photo interpretation, G&G computer applications, petroleum exploration, drilling, geochemistry, geochemical and microbiological prospecting, 3D reservoir modeling, computer mapping and drilling.I am not a geophysicist.


I have 24 years experience split between the petroleum and environmental industries. I have served as an expert witness in remote sensing, developmental geologist, exploration geologist, enviromental project manager, and subject matter expert in geology and geophysical software development.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists
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