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hai sir i am jagadeesh studying my m.s petrolieum exploration in adikavi nannaya university at rajahmundary ,a.p in india sir now the coarse title is changed in to msc petrolieum exploration sir for which degree they have more feature with a good salary i wait for your answer answer sir

You should have NO problem finding a job no matter which degree you get.  All that is generally necessary in college is a good foundation and a good understanding of the concepts; you will really begin your geologic understanding once you get a job.  I know when I graduated I though I knew a lot about geology and I did about all concepts of geology (probably more about all aspects than I can remember now).  But my real geologic education began when I started working.  Today, after many years of work, I could teach a very good course in economic geology; much better than the course that I was taught.  I dare say that you will find the same after fifty years of working in the field.

All aspects/disciplines of geology are currently doing quite well.  Geology is an very important discipline in today's world market with all-time highs for many commodities; putting pressure on geologists to find bigger and higher grade deposits.  Most employers won't even look, in detail, at your grades but they will look at the courses that you took.  If you have a good smattering of courses in the area(s) that they are interested in, you will have good consideration.  

Hope this helps, you will do fine.  


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Joe Norris


I am an economic geologist. An economic geologist does mineral evaluations and appraisals of mineral or mining properties. I can tell you if your deposit has value - remember that a mineral deposit, no matter how good, only has value when mined. Any value assigned to a mineral deposit, in the ground, is only the speculative value that deposit.


I have been a economic geologist for most of my 35 year career. Although I have done work in perhaps 45 states and numerious countries much of my work has been in Appalachian coal, intermountain west gold and silver, and Arizona uranium.

Past President of the Virginia Section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists and a certified geologist in twelve states.

BS Degree from Eastern Kentucky University. Work on MS Degree @ Eastern Kentucky University, Colorad School of Mines & Marshall University Numerious short courses on the value of mineral deposits and how to value same. Also several short courses dealing with the different types of geologic processes; sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic along with the mineral associated with each.

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