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QUESTION: Dear Fraser

Are Caves always Closed Structures ?. i.e. The Entry and Exit Points are always the same. There can be multiple entry points to enter the cave structure but the entry points will be always the exit points ?. Exit point i mean is coming out of the cave structure. For example in a Theater hall the entry (To enter the Cinema Hall) and exit (To exit the Cinema Hall) points may be different.

Will there be any specific advantages if exit points are created /constructed (only if exit points do not exist) within the cave
structures ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Prashant

I am not sure what your confusion is....  if there are two openings to the cave then there is one way in and one way out, or two ways in, or two ways out.  I have been in caves where you can walk in one way and walk for an hour and come out a mile away from where you entered.  I am also familiar with caves where you can enter and come back out the same way.  There are caves where you can enter through a hole in the surface and then walk out miles away.

I am not sure there is any advantage to constructing anything relative to a cave.  What are you planning on using it for?


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QUESTION: Dear Fraser

Thank you.

Can Caves exploration help in identifying potential sources of Minerals
for Mankind ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Most caves form in sedimentary rocks, particulary carbonates.  These are not places where one would usually find minerals, other than calcite.  Therefore, I am not sure that spending a lot of time in caves is going to help in the search for minerals.



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