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Geology/Hydrogeology as a career path


Hello Michael, I'm a undergraduate student at the University of Karachi. So, in your opinion, how is hydrology as a career path in the US and also in the Middle East?. I intend to get a Masters degree. The job, scope, salary etc. Thank You

Hello Raza
I have been in Hydrogeology for over 20 years. There are many fields of Hydrogeology - I have worked mostly in water supply. I also worked a little in contaminant hydrogeology but did not personally enjoy it. Mining Hydrogeology is very busy right now but just a few years ago there was no work.

Water supply has been pretty consistent since I started working as far as salary and job availability. I'd suggest researching in the Internet - and Monster will have jobs and salaries listed. It has been a good field for me and I am sure that if you are a hard worker and flexible in your goals you will be successful.

Good Luck and Best Regards



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I have over 20 years experience in Hydrogeology, I can answer questions about water resource development, well construction and testing, artificial recharge and general groundwater topics.


I have worked as a consultant in Florida and California, I have worked for the water utility in Las Vegas, NV and am now working as a consultant in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I have designed, constructed and tested numerous production and artificial recharge wells and managed the largest direct injection AR program in the US.

Bachelor of Science Degree - Geology - Western Michigan University, 1986

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