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What is meant by Basin inversion and how does it affect Generation, Migration and Entrapment.
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Basins that have formed by rifting and thermal subsidence don't always remain basins. and may suffer later uplift and erosion. This is known as basin inversion. Seismic inversion, in Geophysics (primarily Oil and Gas exploration/development), is the process of transforming seismic reflection data into a quantitative rock-property description of a reservoir. Seismic inversion may be pre-or post-stack, deterministic, random or geostatistical, and typically includes other reservoir measurements such as well logs and cores.
Basin inversion has positive as well as negative effect on the Generation, Migration and Entrapment (GME) of hydrocarbon.
Before Migration of Hydrocarbon : Sediments get overpressured and early maturation / expulsion of hydrocarbon is initiated.
During Expulsion / Migration of Hydrocarbon : The reactivated faults become conduit for migration and structurization due to inversion provide the entrapment.
After Migration of Hydrocarbon : The reactivation of faults during Basin inversion causes leakage in the structure and releases accumulated hydrocarbon. Breaking down of Liquid hydrocarbon in to Gases due to basin inversion and associated shrinkage, is another significant negative effect.
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