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Sir, i was given an inline and cross line seismic section which i have uploaded to my petrel. I was told to pick the amplitude anomalies and generate amplitude map. Sir, what kind of information will i get from amplitude map. Thanks

Dear Seun, Thanks for your question and sorry for the delay.
Amplitude is one of the seismic attribute and it has varied applications some important ones is given below.
Analysis of seismic data attributes, in particular seismic amplitude is used  to determine variations in reservoir lithology,morphology and possible connectivity between reservoirs. Porosity, clay content, and oil saturation (in that order). Knowing this, it is highly probable that a suitable amplitude-based seismic attribute would correlate strongly to a composite reservoir parameter formed by combining these properties.
Further in addition On the interfaces between seal rocks and reservoir gas saturated rocks very high reflected amplitudes are usually produced.
The especially high reflected amplitudes, called bright spots, appear on the seismic sections recorded above gas reservoir rocks.
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