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Found this stone or rock while moving. Unusal looking. Thanks for time and helping solve a mystery.

Hi John,
Looks like you have a nice example of a sedimentary rock pebble.  A sedimentary rock is one that's made of other rocks that have been broken down by erosion.  "Sand" is small pieces of quartz that have been broken down from larger pieces.  Heat them up, and add some pressure and you make a rock.  You can also make a solution of minerals and water which can act like a glue to hold the grains together.
In any case; big rocks broken down, small pieces gather together (by wind or water, but that's another story), and all are lithified by some process.
Often there are layers in the rock, just like yours.  From the image your's looks like a sandstone.
Here's a web site that has some good pics of sedimentary pebbles.  You'll have to scroll down pretty far to see some that look like your rock.

Hope this helps.


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