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This is Danny again. I was wondering if you know any well-known Geochemists from the past that I can put into my paper? If you do know, can you tell me why they are well-known? Their achievements would be nice. Thank you again!

Christian Friedrich Schönbein a Swiss German chemist.  In 1838 he wrote a paper proposing the foundation of the field of study.  At the time most of the mineralogic and crystallography work was being done in Europe.

Englishman Frank Wigglesworth Clarke who began to investigate the abundances of various elements within the Earth and how the quantities were related to atomic weight in the early 1900's.

Another German, Victor Goldschmidt is considered the father of modern geochemistry.In 1922 he outlined the geochemical laws of the distribution elements in a series of seminal articles entitled, ‘Geochemische Verteilungsgesetze der Elemente’.

The bible of Geochemistry, the journal I used in school a lot is called, Geochimica et Csmochimica Acta.  The journal of the Geochemical Society and the Meteoritical Society.  It covers both Earth geochemistry, planetary and meteoritic geochemistry.

Most of this was academic study, but at the heart of it was commercial application.  To better understand the chemical reaction between earth materials, is to better predict the outcome and teh product.  This allows a better understanding of how and where commercial ore deposits occur and facilitates their exploitation.  This same information allowed for better techniques to be developed for the processing of ores to recover the valuable minerals the contained, be it copper, zinc, lead, iron, gold or silver.


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