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Respected Sir,

Can you please tell me that Balkassar, Joyamir, Fimkassar and Missakiswal Petroleum Fields are located in which Geographic Direction ( North, South etc ) in Potwar Basin Pakistan. Also mention some reference of papers or books to study Potwar Basin.

I will be thankful to you.

Dear Ali,

Thank you very much for asking me this nice question.

These oilfields of Potwar Basin are located from South towards southwest of Islamabad.
Balkassar is 90 Km SW of Islamabad, Joya Mair is eastward of Balkassar and 80 Km to the South, Fimakkasr is 60 Km to the South, Missa Kiswal about 40 km South east of Islamabad.

Following references will be useful for further study;

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Hopefully, this will be helpful.

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