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Mystery Rock
Mystery Rock  
I'm usually pretty good at Identifying my collection except this... First you have to understand I don't know where it is from. I bought a large jar of it from and elderly gentleman about 7 years ago. I live in Washington state. It could be Jasper, but it doesn't look like specimens I've purchased. The picture is of assorted pieces and colors. I took one of each side. The rock has a odd feel to it.... a little like Opal in that it's...kinda glassy I guess. I haven't checked the hardness, but I tried engraving a piece and didn't have any luck. It is lighter than you would expect it to be. Many of the stones have white areas...that part is almost has a greasy appearance. Colors range from white to blue, yellow and a deep orange.

Aberdeen Washington

Hi Luna,
I'm not sure of your question. It sounds like you want help with a specific specimen but there are over 50 in your picture. From what I can see there are some that look like possible fire opal (tea colored ones# or perhaps amber, some look like agate #the whiter ones#, and some might be quartz #the rest).  Although the bigger blue looks suspiciously like aquamarine or blue topaz.
Without better pictures and a bit more info I think that's the best I can do. To get a more definitive ID you might want to go to the Geology Department of a local college; they are happy to help identify rocks.  I also find that rock club members can help with rock ID. Go to this site;

to see if you can find a rock club near you.

Hope this helps.


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