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Dear sir my Question is that when we prospect any Area are block then how we can make a well proposal i mean what is systematic procedure of preparing well proposal??

Dear Rashid,

First I like to thank you for asking me this nice question.

The processes involved to evaluate any block to a prospect level are as follows;

1) Geological and tectonic study; factoring in all tectonic events that lead to develop basin.

2) Sedimentary history; this involves the major uplift and subsidence events and in response to basin activities the depositional patterns, lithostratigraphy (rock types and facies)and its distribution within the basin including the block under study.

3)Petroleum system analysis; to define major potentail reservoirs rocks, source rocks, top and lateral seals type, trapping style and their timing, thermally maturity of source rock and timing of oil and gas generation and expulsion and trapping in to the reservoir and finally into the field.

4) Environmental Risk assessment of the exploration (seismic and geological survey) in the area.

5) Hiring of the seismic acquisition company on most competitive price

6) Seismic data acquisition over the block and data processing and interpretation to define various  geological time levels structural deformation and distribution of folds and faults.

7) identification of traps and assessment of the traps in the context of petroleum system

8) Oil and gas volume estimation on those prospects and leads which may be drilled. Economic analysis of the resources expected to produce.

9) Identification of geological risks and later financial risks

10) preparation of the drilling proposal for the prospect(s)which look too good for drilling and where chances of success are reasonably satisfactory.

11) Getting environmental impact (risk assessment) of drilling in the area

12) Getting enough funds to drill a well or series of well.

13) Partners approval for a drillable prospect.

14) Arrangement of the drilling rig and service vendors who will drill and provide well services

15) Government authorities approval for drilling well and submit a complete drilling, testing and completion or abandoning program of the well.

16 Spudding or start of drilling well to the desired depth and reservoir level to the point where testing is required

Hope this answer will be helpful.


Tariq Hasany


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