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QUESTION: Good evening Sir,
I am doing MS in geology and I want to complete my research in dimension stone,Sir, my question is that have dimension stone studies scope?is it valuable jobs?thank you

ANSWER: Dear Mr. Kazim, Goodmorning and Fraternal greetings!

this is with reference to your question about the project on Dimensional stones.

there is lot of scope in India as far as Dimensional stone industry is concerned.
The Quarrying for dimensional stones demands discrete extraction technology owing to variations in their geological, geotechnical and physico-mechanical characteristics. A successful extraction technology of one quarry may not yield good results in another quarry due to large variations in their nature of occurrence. Dimensional stone industry is largely an unorganized sector wherein very little scientific studies were carried out and no efforts were so far made for improvement through research and development. The scientific investigations have to be conducted for preliminary stage of exploitation and also for the betterment of maximum recovery in almost all the quarry areas and a data bank should be developed for different commercial granites to help the entrepreneurs. Data bank on the various physico-mechanical properties from different rock samples from different areas shall be collected and correlated with the techniques of extraction. It is necessary to explore the possibility of adopting alternate techniques of exploitation to minimize the damage. Efforts shall be made to introduce the innovative and safe techniques for extraction. Hence there is lot of scope for research in this field.

With reference to the job, I do not know the prospects in Pakistan especially. since it depends upon the resources and economic viability you can decide the rest as far as the opportunities are concerned.
with regards

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QUESTION: thank you sir for your answer it was indeed second question is that, how much costly is the technology (machinery) used in dimension stone other words can individual afford to set his own small industry with low investment or it need high investment?
thank you

Dear Mr. Kazim

The machinery that is used in the Dimensional Stone industry for grinding and polishing, cutting the stones is little bit costly and it is difficult for any individual to afford for that. However you can setup your own industry provided that if you have your own captive mines or if someone can supply the raw material for you for the same. With low investment also you can start the industry with limited facilities.

wish you best of luck

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