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AOA. Sir do you have any info about owen fracture zone ? I want to make a Presentation on that but I can't find out any stuff ... Can you help me out Please Sir ???

Dear Mr. Kamran, Goodmorning and Fraternal Greetings!

Please accept my apology for not immediately giving answer to your question as I went for some minor surgery.

Regarding your question, Owen Fracture Zone there is lot of material available.
In fact the Owen Fracture Zone is nothing but a transform fault which runs along the eastern boundary of the Arabian Plate, separating it from the Indo-Australian Plate for most of its length, and from the African Plate for a much shorter distance. It extends from the Carlsberg Ridge in the south, meets the Sheba Rift segment of the Aden Ridge, and then continues northeastward across the northwest Indian Ocean until it meets the convergence zone in the Iran-Pakistan border region where the continental crust of the Arabian Plate is colliding with the continental crust of the Eurasian Plate.

I am sending the link for a paper written by some Scientists, please go through the same.

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