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QUESTION: sir my question is (1) what is the main porosities type in limestone     
(2) does fault and fracture play any role in stopping secondary migration can you explain it sir (3)what are the essential element of reservoir rock? please discuss I will be very thanfull

Porosity Classification
Porosity Classificatio  
Lucias Porosity Classification
Lucias Porosity Classi  
ANSWER: Dear Mr.Faizan,
Thanks for your question. Sorry for the delay. As I was in field work i could not answer to your question earlier to this time.

Porosity in carbonates is more complicated than in sandstones, partly due to various classification methods and more combinations of carbonate fabric and associated porosity. Most of the porosity that is useful in carbonate reservoirs is secondary porosity, formed after deposition. Please refer self explanatory diagrams attached.
Definitely faults and fractures have a vital role in migration of hydrocarbons. This depends on type and nature of faults and the materials present in the fault planes.
Petroleum geology is principally concerned with the evaluation of seven key elements in sedimentary basins: These include 1. Source 2.Reservoir Seal 4. Trap 5. Timing 6.Maturation and 7. Migration
Essential elements for a reservoir rock are much more complicated and it includes mostly concerned with reservoir quality parameters (RQP) and reservoir volumetric parameters (RVP) these mostly include porosity,permeability, effective permeability and its behaviour as time increases after production.
Kothandapani Manoharan

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QUESTION: sir please discuss the porosity and permeability properties among sedimentary rock? does fault and fracture play any role in stopping secondary migration? I will be very thankful if you give me this answer in 24 hour

Dear Mr.Faizan,
Thanks for your question,
You can find the answer for your question in the following link.

Definitely fractures play role in migrations and it depends on its material deposited along fracture plane.
Kothandapani Manoharan


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