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Geology/Need details about Geoinformatics Study and job description.


Hello Sir,

I have completed my bachelor's degree in information technology and having 1+ years exp.but i hate to do such job.I always want to explore world and to do outdoor job such as surveying.
Should master's in geo-informatics will provide me such kind of job profile?
am I on correct track with respect to my interest?
Please help me if you understand my basic interest!
Thanks in advance !


Sadly no.  Geoinformatics is just another term for Geographical Information Systems, or GIS.

The typical GIS professional sits in front of a computer terminal entering or analyzing data, generating maps and such activities.  Not much opportunity to go out in the field.  I did remote sensing and GIS and the only time we went in the field was to ground truth data, that is check to see what we were seeing on the images were what we thought it was, so we could train our computer algorithms to correctly classify areas based on the imagery.  Then the information was entered into the GIS system by digitizing area boundaries in order to generate maps.  Some in the GIS profession would tell you that field work is available, but why would I pay a surveyor to go out and survey in boundaries, when I can do it much cheaper off an aerial photo for a fraction of the cost and with acceptable accuracy for GIS work?  I see the profession much as I experienced in Remote Sensing in the 80's it was over sold to users who eventually saw that it was not worth the cost. Cities and municiple urban planning districts use it and government agencies, but that is about it.  


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