Aslam -e-alikum sir me amjad hussain  form Pakistani (Gilgit baltistan) .sir i have completed my Msc degree in geology from Pakistani university in first grade unfortunately their no facilities for me to avail continue my studies leading to PhD .Sir question  that is their any scholarship program available for me in Iranian university to enroll in PHd studies in Economic Geology by which i end my thirst of education .Sir i am  await for your  kind answer for me.

Dear Amjad

I am currently a PhD student of economic geology at Shiraz university and I am thinking of continuing my studies abroad in Europe or America. Because of the international economic sanctions on Iran, the universities in Iran are poorly equipped with apparatus and instruments needed for research in this field. I strongly suggest that you improve your English language skill and get a valid certificate and try to apply for one of the universities in America or Europe. There would be no future for you by studying in Iran.

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Meisam Rasouli Beirami


Magmatic Ore deposits; Igneous Rocks; Uranium Ore Deposits; Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) Deposits; Remote Sensing; Satellite Imagery Processing;


I have done a thesis on magmatic uranium deposits. I ma currently working on MVT ore deposits and their exploration via satellite imagery.

Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran

Bachelor's degree of geology: Tehran university, Iran. MSc of economic geology: Gorgan university, Iran. PhD student of economic geology: Shiraz university, Iran.

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