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Dear Sir,
I have just recently graduated from university of Peshawar. Alhamdulilah i have now been selected as Trainee Geologist(for a period of 2 years) at PPL. The training is expected to start in a month time after the medical examination is done. Sir i would like to know about the training program of PPL..... what is their sequence of training and in what particular fields i am going to be trained as i have no idea as yet. And i am desperate to know.
Kind Regards
Zaid Khan

Dear Zaid,

Thanks for sending me your question.

This subject is not my hard core expertise any way. I am not aware about the details of the training program for  trainees but I can answer you by giving  an overall scenario  based on my observations and experience in PPL and elsewhere where I worked and I hope it may be helpful and you can take it as a guideline.

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is one of the largest national oil  company in Pakistan which have been  actively engaged in exploration activities in Pakistan and International projects.
After OGDCL, probably PPL holds maximum number of exploration block covering all four provinces of Pakistan. Baluchistan is always the main focus area  where they have many areas  where geological and geophysical activities have been active. As a new graduate working on variety of areas where geology and tectonic are so much different than other will provide you a precious and rare opportunity to learn more and more about Pakistani sedimentary basins and the complexities. You will be able to see  a lot of  geological sections of the outcrops, wells logs and seismic section.

I am sure you will be attached to one  team for some time who is responsible to take care of couple of blocks and completing all geological and geophysical  analysis and report writing which include mapping and preparing prospects for drilling, carrying out hydrocarbon volumetric estimation, production profiling and economics analysis. All these workflows will help you to learn more and more and increase your abilities to do business analysis of the oil exploration business. After some time you may be re-assigned with another project team who may be looking after area with totally different tectonically  and geologically.

I understand before starting your training period you will be provided a set of technical and soft skills objectives which you are expected to complete within the given time. A team leader of the project or your manager will be your mentor but I am not yet sure if they have any formal mentor.

Your performance will be judged by your superiors regularly and you may be advised accordingly where you need to improve your skills. I believe that you will be provided to attend few or several technical training  schools and also soft skills training courses. The standard of your writing abilities and presentation skills will be improved  during this time.
Understandably,  by the end of your two year training period you should be able to handle with strong grip all industry softwares such as Petromod, Petrel, etc. Please use this time without wasting any single minute.

Not only at the beginning of your career but at any stage of your professional life, strong observations, careful and patiently listening, taking others point of view peacefully even if you disagree, politeness, friendliness, avoidance of  unnecessary criticism, supportive nature and ready to do anything attitude  are the biggest tricks of the learning and improving your personality which will give you fruits for developing your professional career. Please do not hesitate to ask any question you have in your mind with your seniors as this is the right time to ask any thing. No question is foolish.

Hope this answer will be helpful.

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