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shiny stone
shiny stone  

shiny rock 2
shiny rock 2  
I found this a couple years back. it is silver shiny and is looks like a lot of little grains stuck together. Please tell me what it is.

Dear Jovanni Torres, Goodmorning and Fraternal Greetings!

I have seen the image which you have sent. It is very difficult to understand or guess the specimen without seeing with naked eye. However it looks like Galena (Pbs) in one angle, but we can't conclude immediately unless we see the Physical properties carefully. some of the Bronzite Gabbro rock specimens also look like this. Silver shiny look indicates some micaceous minerals also if they are present. If you can provide some physical properties with clear image in big size , I can guess exactly.

yours sincerely

Dr D S Subrahmanyam


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