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sir i complete my MSC in Geology.would you like to guid me about career in UAE,KSA.CANADA,BAHRAIN,KUWAIT etc?

Dear Haider,

Thanks for sending me your question

Very briefly I can answer about each country's potential for career in geology;

UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait,

The most potential in these countries are in petroleum sector and you can work as exploration and development geologist and geophysicist,or petrophysicist in any large National oil or international companies.

Every emirate of UAE has its own national oil company engaged in exploration and production activities in which ADCO,ADNOC and ADMA are the largest oil company of Abu Dhabi followed by Dubai,(DPC) Ras Al-Khaima (RAK petroleum).

You may also work in these countries in oilfield services companies such as Schlumberger, Halliburbon, Baker Hughes and Weatherford and other medium to small international service providing companies with significant business share also lies in local services companies.

The sole rights of oil upstream sector (exploration and production) also controlled by state owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation/Kuwait Oil. However, various international and local services companies also offer jobs to geologists and other trades.

Other sector where as Geologist can work in engineering geology, cement industries, environment  and  Hydrology with engineering probably has biggest non petroleum share in employment.


KSA is almost same as above with an addition that Saudi Aramco is the only oil company in the country who can explore and produce oil with few exception in the neutral zone near the offshore areas of KSA and Kuwait.

Despite oil KSA has other massive mineral resources mostly untapped which requires geologists to explore and exploit these natural resources. Engineering, Hydro, Environment, education  and service sector are the other sectors where employment may be sought.


As you know that Canada is the second largest country in surface area and compare to large area she has very small population. This country has been producing oil and gas mainly from  western Canadian state of Alberta including both, conventional hydrocarbon resources and unconventional. If any one who wants to settle down in Canada and intends to work as a geological professional one has to be expert in few unconventional oil exploration and production techniques which are typically associated with Canadian oil industry such as Oil sand (tar oil sands)  and shale oil which do not necessarily need drilling but often requires mining from the shallow sands and it has been altogether a different ball game than drilling.

Oil, minerals, engineering, water resources, minerals and other natural resources, environment and education are the sectors where career can be planned and developed in Canada.

To get the career positions in any one of the above country you have to be very well educated, smart and experienced in your field of specialization. If you have just completed your education the best advice I can give you start from any service company and develop yourself to a particular skill (wellsite geology, petrophysics, seismic interpretation etc)and then you will get several opportunities to work in the country of your choice.

In the middle east, UAE and KSA are the preferred countries due to better employment opportunities as both countries are large and more open than Kuwait and Bahrain.

Hope this answer will be helpful.

Tariq Hasany  


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