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what is Cavitation(cavities)?

and what is its effect on engineering structures?

all what i know is
the Cavitation(cavities) mean a big Vacuums in soil that Hinders the process of building on this soil.

please answer me fast i have only one day to get the answer


There are several types.  

Cavitation in the soil, will obviously compromise the integrity of the surface for building, due to its inability to support weight, its suseptibility to collapse and shifting, all can compromise the strength of a foundation.

Karst geology can cause cavitation in the underlying limestone bedrock causing the formation of sinkholes which can cause catastrophic failure of structures when the underlying surface collapses.

Another form of cavitation is in construction material itself.  Caviation in concrete can weaken the strength of the structure if all the voids are not removed from the pour before the concrete aggretage sets.  They commonly use vibrating rods to removed the air voids from poured columns. and other large volumes.


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