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QUESTION: how we differentiate well data and production data?Please answer me with example.I appreciate it.

ANSWER: Dear Nouman,

Thanks for sending me your question.

I am not sure I understand your question correctly or not but I will try to answer and if you still need further explanation send another question.

Production data means all the information from a field or wells which include, production rate of fluids (oil, gas, condensate , water and H2S, CO2) or any other products coming though the wells (sands and sediments etc), flowing well head and reservoir temperature and pressure data of individual wells and also cumulative field data.

During production it's very crucial to monitor each wells performance and to keep a track the properties of the fluids daily, which means Oil API gravity, gas and condensate gravity, water chemistry (Total dissolved solids, salinity, ph density etc) gas oil ratio (GOR) oil to water ratio (water cut) in order to identify the reasons if  abnormal change takes place. For example sudden change in GOR or sudden increase of salinity of the water or sudden increase of sand in the fluids. Once these properties are being closely monitored problem may be identified and steps of rectifications would have been taken at the early stage of the problem.

Well data means; well name cit and country, type of well (exploratory, development or appraisal or water disposal or water injector etc)well head location and its coordinates(lat/long or X and Y), local elevation from mean sea level, elevation of the kelly busing (KB)and rotary of the rig, water depth if an offshore well, well operator, drilling operator, day of spud and date reached TD (total depth), open hole size and also bit size, casing size, (usually outer diameter of the casing and described in inches or mm)casing shoe depth, stratigraphic tops and their lat and long if the well has deviation or well itself is a horizontal well, Measured depth (MD) and total vertical depth (TVD), final TD (MD and TVD).

All depth can be taken from KB but can be converted to from below Mean sea level and its final coordinate(lat/long or X and Y).

Other wells information is related to formation evaluation which can be recorded on Mudlog, open hole logs and testing details and their complete record. Also, at the end must ad the status of the well

Hope this answer helps you.
My apologies in advance if the answer is according to your question!!



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QUESTION: Dear sir I have done MSc Geology specialized in structure and petroleum Geology. currently i am doing job in LMK Resources Pakistan. LMKR is services providing company which deals industry stranded E&P software expertise to up stream oil and gas sector.Sir my question is I want to continue my further study, which improve my career,I have 3 options in my mind
1.Master in Information Technology (MIT)
3. M.phil in structure and petroleum Geology
would you like to guide me which which subject should be best for me to make my bright future professionally.and i can not attend regular classes i prefer to to attend distance learning programs.


I am glad you are satisfied with earlier answer to your question. Thanks for good rating to my answer.

Answering your this question I have a feeling that you face challenge  to take decision. My answer is simple; pursue further studies in geology as this would give you better and brighter opportunities in life.

Leave all other thoughts alone and you should concentrate 200% towards geology and complete your newly planned degree. In my opinion, your selection of subjects i.e., structure and petroleum are perfect.

Please get clear your mind once for all with all other confusing thoughts and steadfastly go for your plans  for further studies.

Hopefully, this answer helps.

Kindest regards

Tariq Hasany


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