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sir, i am doing my theises on Miano area in sindh. tell me how to determine the petroleum play of that area

Dear Mr.Asim,
Thanks for your question
Petroleum play, or simply a play, is a group of oil fields or prospects in the same region that are controlled by the same set of geological circumstances. A particular stratigraphic or structural geologic setting is also often known as a play.
Play definition is mainly based on
(a) the petroleum charge system
(b) the reservoir/seal formation pair or lithofacies and
(c) the trap type.
These tiers can be related to the geodynamic, sedimentary and tectonic  events that drive stages in basin evolution, thus placing the concept directly in its geological context.
In case of Miano earlier concentrations were on Tertiary reservoirs and structural traps were expected. Latter the development was made in combination trap within Cretaceous Lower Goru and Miano is the first major stratigraphically trapped hydrocarbon accumulation found in Pakistan. It is reported that there is considerable potential for additional discoveries in stratigraphic traps along the Lower Goru trend and at different stratigraphic levels. No structural closure at the level of the productive sand can be identified and the Faults are assumed to be the main migration pathways for the accumulation of  the commercial discoveries in the area.Further The application of seismic data to reduce the exploration risk is limited due to low vertical resolution. Seismic can only give the structural picture.
In case of Miano area the petroleum system details have been already discussed by Mr. Syed Tariq Hasany (given in allexpert answers and the figure is also attached).
It would be useful to map the source, reservoir and seal in the area and the available log data, production data,etc.,and also perform seismic, sequence analysis and the revealed data can be posted at appropriate levels to arrive and define the plays in the Miano area.
Kothandapani Manoharan


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