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I found these fossils on the beach of Myrtle Beach ,SC. At first I thought they were turtle heads. Can you identify for me?


Its kind of difficult to make a determination based on the photos.  But I dug around and this link has some similar fossils from Myrtle Beach.  So yes, it looks like you have a variety of Turtle fossil remains as well as fish verteba and plates.

You might send him your photos and see if he can identfy them for you.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

A second opinion is that these are merely casts of pelecipod shells.  Meaning that they are black silt fillings of pelecipod and Ark shells that later lithified and the two shell halves had fallen away.

"Since the beaches of North Myrtle Beach, SC have been re-nourished a couple of times, fossils started showing up. One particuliar fossil was what was called a "turtle head". Its not an actual turtle head it just looks like one. The first ones I found several years ago were Ark shell cast. The ark and clam shells filled up with sediment and perfified which I'm sure most of you are familiar. They were said to be 65 million years old. This summer I started finding broken pieces of them and started looking at them very closely and found shell with in the matrix. This was my 1st one."   from  


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