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Geology/Oil and Gas in Tharprakar


Do You Foresee Substantial Oil and Gas Reserves In Tharparkar Area (Thar Desert)of Pakistan Considering That Cairns Energy Has Just Discovered Large Scale Oil and Gas Reserves Just Across The Border In Rajastan(The Oilfield Is Practically Touching Our Border)?

Can You Tell Me In Detail About The Potential of Coal as a Source Rock For Crude Oil?What Kind Of Coal Is Considered As Source Rock?
Is There Anywhere Crude Oil Is Extracted From Oil on Commercial Basis?

ANSWER: Dear Mr. Saeed
Thanks for your question. Sorry for the delay as I was in field work.
I see only there are immense coal deposits in Tharparkar Area. There are sufficient number of wells in Indus basin.There is sufficient number of Rifts in Thar area and coupled with Basement. If it is Fractured Basement and depending on the source rock potential of the overlying formations(younger to basement) there is always chance for hydrocarbons in your mentioned area. Further the source rock potential and thermal maturation of the coal is assessed by Rock-Eval pyrolysis, maceral analysis and vitrinite reflectance measurements. If the Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Genetic Potential (GP) and Hydrogen Index (HI) values for the coals are in a suitable range(depending on area) it will indicates that the coals have gas and oil generating potential. Further on Maceral details are also required. I donít know about commercial exploitation but such studies are carried out in Nigeria.
Kothandapani Manoharan

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

We Know About Non Conventional Oil and Gas Like Shale Oil,Shale Gas,Tight Oil,Tight Gas etc. Are There Non Conventional Forms of Coal Also????

Unconventional Hydrocarbons
Unconventional Hydroca  
Dear Mr.Saeed,
Thanks for your followup.
Coal Bed Methane is a gas which is of non conventional type.
Both the source rock and reservoir for such type of gas is coal itself.
Please see the attached image as reference.
Kothandapani Manoharan


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