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Geology/Hydrocarbon Exploration Using Sedimentology


Hello Sir,
How are you hope fine. Sir i'am student of B.s Geology from Pakistan. This is my last year in B.s and for this reason i have to work on my project thesis. I have planned to work on Hydrocarbon exploration using sedimentology. Sir would you please guide me that what are the areas which i should focus while exploring the hydrocarbons using sedimentology??
Thank you,
M.Nouman Qureshi

Mr. Qureshi:

I am not sure if you strictly mean sedimentology or also include sedimentary petrology and also stratigraphy.

If you are limited to sedimentology you could look at modern analogs of hydrocarbon bearing reservoir rocks.  By this, I mena you could identify modern sedimentary settings, depositional environments and deposits that are know to have formed petroleum reservoirs in the past.

For instance:  Stream channel sand deposits, and point bars is the modern analog, Shoe string sand deposits of Eastern Kansas would be the petroleum reservior example.  Other examples of sedimentary depositional environments that have formed reservoirs are barrier islands, with near shore or lagoonal deposits being the source rock.  You could give discriptions of the modern analog and how they form, and then hydrocarbon productive examples with a discription of the reservoir and how the deposit was believed to be formed and compare it to how we know the modern analog was formed.

You might even be able to discuss how the depositional sequence is identified in well logs by the gradational changes in the lithology types in gamma ray, SP and Induction logs.  


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