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I am doing my mphil research in hydrogeology.i have well and resistivity data of Nowshera area,KPK,Pakistan.
Can you tell me how i can calulate the dar-zarrouk parameters.
Also how i can make contours of these parameters.
What is the equation of anisotropic parameter(ʎ).
How i can calculate this (ʎ).
what is the purpose of anisotropic parameter calculation.
If you send me any paper related to these.I will be very grateful to you.

Dear Asiya, Goodmorning and Fraternal Greetings!

while thanking  for asking the question, my answer is as follows

Dar-Zarrouk (D-Z) parameters provide a useful and confident solution in delineating the saline and fresh water aquifers i.e. The significance of these parameters in establishing an easily decipherable vision about the occurrence and distribution of fresh and saline water aquifers.
The values of aquifer transmissivity and the values of transverse resistance and longitudinal conductance generally known as Dar Zarrouk parameters. Aquifer transmissivities were determined using the analytical relationship established by (Niswass and Singhal) between aquifer transmissivity (Tr) and transverse resistance (T) on one hand and aquifer transmissivity and longitudinal conductance (S) on the other hand.
Based on the equation above, the quantities (Kσ) and (k/σ) are assumed to be fairly constant within the watershed. Thus knowing the values of K from existing boreholes and the conductivity, the inverse of resistivity from the sounding interpretation around the borehole, one can estimate the transmissivity and its variation from place to place using the Dar zarrouk parameter determined for each aquifer. On the whole, σ or 1/5 must be equivalent to any of the sets kσT or KS or KS/5 to be used.

you can refer the book written by J. P. HENRIET, for details about these parameters and also for the remaining clarifications also refer
Estimation of aquifer transmissivity from Dar-Zarrouk parameters in porous media by
Sri Niwas, ; Singhal, D. C. (1981)

with regards

Dr D S Subrahmanyam


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