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Dear Sir.
I am doing my mphil research in hydrogeology.i have well and resistivity data of Nowshera area,KPK,Pakistan.
Can you tell me how i can calulate the dar-zarrouk parameters.
Also how i can make contours of these parameters.
What is the equation of anisotropic parameter(ʎ).
How i can calculate this (ʎ).
what is the purpose of anisotropic parameter calculation.
If you send me any paper related to these.I will be very grateful to you


Here is a paper that deals directly with your problem.  It explains how to calculate the values.

Anisotrophy defines the directional dependence of something.  So you war looking at the directional parameter of presumably fractures, that control the permiability and transmissivity of your aquifer.  These can be dependent on the structural geology of an area if you are dealing with aquifers in rock.  They will define the jointing and fractures that enhance and control subsurface water movement.

Last, to contour the DZP you can simply contour the results of each calculation of the Dar Zarrouk Parameter at each well location that you have resistivity data for and are able to calculate the value.  Find the range of values and use that an your approximate min max.  Then begin drawing your contours enclosing the values working from low to high or high to low.

If you don't know how to contour, there are plenty of tutorials on the web:  do a search for geolologic countouring, or contouring aquifer gradients  it is very similar.  I imagine the contours will point you to areas of high and low transmissivity underlying the area.


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