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Geology/what kind of rock is this?


my rock
my rock  
I found it awhile back and thought it was cool. Can you tell me what it is?

Hi Kimmi,
This is a good picture.  It looks like a mineral cluster to me.  The mineral appears tabular (you can see the edges of each crystal).  It's mostly dark colored but the lower section looks glassy.  

Unfortunately there are a lot of tabular, glassy minerals.  I'm not sure I can be definitive but I think I can get pretty close.  

Is it soft?  Can you scratch it with your fingernail?  If so, it probably is gypsum.  Here's a picture of a more clean gypsum cluster.  I couldn't find one that looks exactly like your specimen but this gives you an idea of the structure.

If you can't scratch it with a fingernail, does it feel heavier than you think it should for its size?  If so, it might be barite.  Here's a couple pics that will give you an idea.

There is another mineral called celestite that could look like this but I doubt that's what it is.  Without actually holding your specimen it's pretty hard to identify it but I think you have gypsum.  If you want a more definite answer you should contact the geology department of your local university.  If you know of a Rock Club someone in there should know what you have.  I have found that local collectors are a very reliable source of information.

Hope this helps.


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