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top showing hole with crystals formed
top showing hole with  

other side
other side  
I am very curious about this petrified muscle.  It was found in Mt Ida Arkansas.  I attached pictures and hope u can tell me about it.  It has crystals formed on the inside .


First off, the term is mussel, not muscle.

You don't say what formation you collected it from in the Ida area.  It could be from either Mississippian or  Pennsylvanian aged shale rocks.  If you found it weathered out of the rocks and did not have to chip it out, it was probably form the Mississipian aged shale.  The crystals inside the shell were more than likely deposited by diagenesis.  This is a process that takes place in sediment buried to great depth.  The sediment is under the great pressure of burial, at high temperature.  Over time certain elements like silica become mobile dissolving out of the shells of some buried benthonic organisms incorporated in the sediments.  These elements move in aqueous solution as ions and over time with the right condiditons, can coem together form crystals.  In this case, in the void in the shell.

What you have is a mussel probably preserved in a shale.  It looks more like a mullusk which is heavy enought to weather the compaction of the shale.  I cannot say, just from looking, but sometimes the shell material, the calcium carbonate is replaced by another mineral.  This might explain the crystal overgrowths inside the void of the shell.  If the crystals are softer than quartz, that is harder than 7 on the mohs scale and will scratch glass, then they are quartz if they are softer then they are another mineral.


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